Step Into Comfort, Walk Towards Wellness.

At TruCustom, we champion your mobility with our artisanal, handcrafted orthotics, tailored meticulously to your unique physique for unparalleled comfort and durability. We're not just creating custom solutions; we're crafting the foundation for your vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

No Hard Plastic Materials

Various layers of foam material provide lightweight and flexible fit.

100% Hand Crafted

Proven old school techniques and artisanal craftsmanship for 100% of the process.

Truly Customized Fit

Handmade from your molds to capture the unique nuances of your foot.

Transparent Pricing

No gimmicks or flash sales - honest pricing all of the time.

Money Back Guarantee

Risk free with easy 6 month return policy.

Customer Focused

Centered on your comfort and experience, easy to connect.

Foundation to Healthy Living

Foot fatigue and discomfort can limit our physical and mental well-being, hindering life's full potential. At TruCustom, we prioritize mobility and physical activity, aiming to offer a solution for comfortable movement. Unlike other orthotic companies that use rigid plastic materials for efficiency and cost savings, we prioritize optimal comfort. By meticulously assessing your foot impressions and personal information and employing skilled craftsmanship with flexible materials, we ensure you can pursue a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

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I never knew you could get these type of orthotics. My doctor only told me about the hard plastic ones that were not comfortable.

Laura K.