Meet Justin

Justin Proctor, C.P.O., spent time in both Northern Ohio and Chicago growing up. From a young age, Justin has always enjoyed helping people through problem solving and also fixing things with his hands.  As an adult, he spends his free time working on his sailboat and fixing up his old TR7.

Every issue that arises with a sailboat or old car is unique and requires skill and attention to get it right, just like the unique nuances of your feet!  Since 1996, Justin has developed a unique ability to provide comfort and relief to people's feet through his process where every step of the way is hand crafted.  

"People come to me from far and wide for our custom orthotics, and now I’m bringing the service to you."

Our Philosophy

Why we started TruCustom and what we believe in:
  1. Extending Experiences: Enjoy life to its fullest and extend your time with friends and family through comfort.
  2. Providing Quality: Feel maximum relief through our entirely handcrafted products using only flexible materials - no hard plastics.
  3. Excellence: We are in the business of helping people, and we want the entire process to be easy and seamless along the way.  
  4. Transparency: There are no gimmicks here, our pricing and products are honest and straightforward.
  5. Simplicity: Our product offering is simple because we believe the options provided are all you will need to find true comfort, no matter your activity level.